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 Season 2 Ep 05

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PostSubject: Season 2 Ep 05   Sun Aug 07, 2016 3:34 pm

Good solid episode!

I knew when Jace killed One, the crew of the Raza would kill him for it. I'm not sure I trust Six yet. A few things that "glared" at me. When the GA Chief Inspector caught four in the tunnel, he asked how they escaped prison, and was there someone that helped them from the inside. He made no mention of the murdered GA Officer (Anders) or missing one (Six). He also knew exactly where Jace was. Also, he said "The Corporation wants them found", to his Lieutenant.

Lets face it, Six got them into that mess. He told them to use a remote transmitter to hack into the GA network. Everybody on the Raza except maybe Nyx and Devon are known by face, including the android. Except he didn't know about the androids upgrade, or she could change her appearance. Otherwise they would have been busted from the start. Plus he keeps trying too hard to earn their trust.

Speaking of the android, kudos to Zoie Palmer! Trying to play the same character in the same episode three completely different ways, and she nailed it!

Last note, was the Raza landing on the planet. Totally awesome! Also the most expensive VFX of the series so far.

Next episode: We should Have Seen This Coming.
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Season 2 Ep 05
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