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 Season 2 Ep 07

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PostSubject: Season 2 Ep 07   Sun Aug 14, 2016 2:34 pm

Awesome episode, but admittedly, I did have issues with some of it.

I feel they have way over-developed the character of 5. Now she's a super genius, that is so smart, she can evade/defeat any security system in the galaxy. She's also a genius in Astrophysics, Electrical Engineering, Quantum Theory, Advanced experimental Technologies, and the list goes on. We just learned in the first episode this season, that 5 was an orphan at age 12, and refused to go to a foster home or orphanage. She has been a runaway for the last 4 years, committing small petty crimes to survive from day to day. She has been homeless since. So where did this impressive education come from?

The "not so smart" have been turned into sudden geniuses in Sci-Fi, since the 50's and "Forbidden Planet". But there's always a cause or catalyst. But not so here, and the creators should know better.

"Lets hook up the engine and test it"? Now all of a sudden, everybody on the Raza is a moron. It reminds me of the STNG episode, where the crew of a ship is so stupid, all they know, is "We look for things that make us go". So when the ship breaks down, they have no clue how to fix it.

That's what we have here. They have no clue where they will end up, or when, let alone if they just don't get vaporized. So not buying that either.

But the characters of Nyx, Devon and the Android were just to awesome!

The Android let Tabor Calchek know he was dangerously close to pi$$ing her off. But she also made it clear to Nyx she was among friends that cared (herself included), were going through the same thing, so she wasn't "alone". All without the chip.

And in turn, Nyx knew the issues with Devon, and didn't go down that path. Instead the wants to help him, just as the Android did her. So she stayed on the Station with him, waiting for him to meet her, and the Raza to return for them.

Devon was looking for drugs, but as soon as he saw the "seers", he knew they were going to kill him. Still, he lied his arse off. But what is important, is they didn't know. All they could predict, was Devon needed drugs, so went to the closest source. They have no idea Nyx is there too, or that the Raza can now appear anywhere in space and at any time.

I suspect Nyx will find him and get him medical care to save his life. He also will kick his addiction with help from the crew. That will make the Raza and her crew completely unpredictable, and extremely deadly. Now they just need to master the drive, and get serious upgrades to the weapons and shields. No small task.
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Season 2 Ep 07
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