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 Season 3 Ep 02

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PostSubject: Season 3 Ep 02   Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:19 pm

Totally mind blowing episode. They get the blink drive back, but it's broken. Ryo finds out Nyx was murdered by the Captain of his guard, against his orders. So the woman he loved is dead, and his childhood friend did it. The Ishida empire is going right down the toilet. They all say they are loyal to him, but they are not. He turned out to be worse than his Father, who started the civil war in the first place.

So 5 isn't who we thought she was. I figured as much. She was just too smart to be a homeless orphan. Where did she get the education? From a bunch of other homeless drifters? Not likely. So she has a sister. I wonder how that will play out this season.

I'm also wondering how Anders will play out this season. 3 is right. The first thing the Ferrous Corp will take out is the GA.

And love the android. Apron and baking mitts. She could have been my Mother. "Son, I've been cooking all day long, so you better eat something"!


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Season 3 Ep 02
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