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 Season 5 Ep 17

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PostSubject: Season 5 Ep 17   Thu Feb 18, 2016 9:18 pm

More confusion in an already pointless season.

So Deputy Parrish died many years ago in Afghanistan. At the time he died, the Hellhound took over his body and has been working it's way to BH. The real reason nothing can kill him, is he is already dead, and the Hellhound is from the supernatural world.

But some part of Parrish yet lives, because it won't let the Hellhound kill the Beast. That's because the beast is really an innocent victim of the Dread Doctors, who have not been seen in the second half of the season.

And suddenly the Desert Wolf no longer wishes to kill Malia. That's despite the fact Malia told her she has every intention on killing her.

The Kitsune is running amok for no reason.

And of course, the Beast shows up at the end of the episode.
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Season 5 Ep 17
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