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 Season 5 ep 03

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PostSubject: Season 5 ep 03   Thu Jul 09, 2015 1:17 pm

Good and bad in this ep.

We finally see Kira shift, including using her foxfire. But doing so physically drains her to the point of being helpless.

Awesome fight scene with Malia. I was having some doubts about her character, but no more.

And Lydia seems to be able to project psychokinetic energy. She was also awesome in her fight scene.

So the ladies of the pack have come a long way.

The men, not so much. I'm blaming the writing.

The sheriff suddenly is interested in Mrs. Martin? It was clearly written merely as a setup for Tracy's attack. And since when is he not interested in new supernatural creatures in his town? Again, just written that way.

Deputy Parrish is now an idiot? No, but so far this season, that's how they are writing him.

Same problem with Stiles and Liam. Why would Stiles remind Liam to use his super senses to track a werewolf, yet forget the other werewolf has the same senses and can hear, smell and sense them? And why would Liam fear a wolf when he knows the only ones in the state are werewolves, the same as him? And the fact he told nobody about the incident, is just silly.

Mason is going to be worse than I thought. He is totally useless as a character. He doesn't play sports, can't fight, isn't intelligent, and knows nothing about the supernatural. All he does in every scene, is remind us he's gay.

Still no idea what the scientists and Theo are up to. The trio have somehow learned to create "hybrid" supernatural creatures. But why, and why go after Scott and his pack?

And we know Theo has been lying from the start, but why is he still trying to be so helpful?

Lastly, the show continues to get pounded in the ratings, with the lowest ever.
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Season 5 ep 03
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