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 Season 2 Ep 04

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PostSubject: Season 2 Ep 04   Wed Jul 27, 2016 11:54 am

Great episode!

Major changes are in store for the Android. Now that she knows she isn't alone, she will remain loyal to her crew. But she will become much more than just an Android. She will become a person, in her own right.

Three was another cool story line. The same bastard that murdered his family, left him for dead on Sarahs planet. No surprise he killed all of them. But it was also cool that not only did he take the boy back home, but gave his Mother most of the payroll for the loss of her husband.

Five is just full of surprises. She was never trustful of Arax, and now the whole crew of the Raza is onto him. They also know about the key.

With the financial boost from Three's mission, they don't need Arax anymore.

The next ep is called "We voted not to space you".
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Season 2 Ep 04
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