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 Survivor babes.

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PostSubject: Survivor babes.    Sat Jun 04, 2011 7:19 am

Fans of the CBS reality hit “Survivor” know that after living on a diet foraged from the wilds of some remote tropical locale, the women come back from their ordeal ripped and lean—really, REALLY lean.

“I lost the most out of any of the girls—20 lbs. in 38 days,” Ashley Underwood, the third runner-up on “Survivor: Redemption Island,” tells exclusively. “I weighed something crazy like 108 lbs. when I got back. I’m 5’8”, so can you imagine? I didn’t leave the house for a month because I couldn’t come to terms with how I looked!”

FOX411: Celebrities’ Bikini Baby Bumps.

Underwood, who is a fitness expert and former professional basketball player, had a hard time getting back to her ideal weight of 125 lbs.

“I was really sick when I got home—I was in the hospital because I had a parasite,” explains Underwood. “I couldn’t put the weight back on right away, because I couldn’t hold food down.”

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Survivor babes.
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