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 Season 2 Eepisode 12

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Season 2 Eepisode 12 Empty
PostSubject: Season 2 Eepisode 12   Season 2 Eepisode 12 EmptyMon Jul 15, 2019 2:04 am

Ep 12


Nothing the military can do to help Ben and Maddie. So Ryn returns to the water for help. Ryn returns with Eliza who it turns out is a healer. She heals Ben, but can not help Maddie. So she tells Ryn of a secret sacred place that can heal Maddie. Before she returns to the water, Eliza tells Ryn she cannot find males old enough to mate. The only one they have is Levi.

Ben, Maddie and Ryn get the military to lend them a submersible to go to this place to heal Maddie. Not trusting the military, they hide its exact location from them and Maddie gets healed. Turns out this place is below the ocean floor. Anyhoo, they get the recording.

Meanwhile, Levi comes back on land. It seems he knows he has to mate, but wants a choice. In water he has no choice. Luckily for Calvin he did. He kept both Calvin and Xander from getting beat to death, because Calvin owes a lot of money. So to hide Levi, Xander takes him to Helen's.

While all that is going on, Rick meets with Beth and tells her mermaids are real, because he's met them at Helen's. Beth decides to visit Helen to see if it's true. Helen throws her out, for murdering her father. On her way out she sees Xander and Levi going to Helen's and sees it is true. Mermaids still exist.

The ep ends with Ben, Maddie and Ryn sitting on the bed watching TV and eating popcorn. But the place is "wired" and the military can see them too.

Stay tuned.
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Season 2 Eepisode 12
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