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 Season 2 Episode 10

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Season 2 Episode 10 Empty
PostSubject: Season 2 Episode 10   Season 2 Episode 10 EmptySat Jun 22, 2019 1:26 pm

Ep 10

All In

Ben talks his mom into getting Ryn's stem cells, and the military takes control over her health. So far, they seem to be working. Ryn however, is not doing so well. After the procedure, her hormone levels shot way up, and they have no idea why. Ryn is now unstable, violent and extremely dangerous. Myself, I believe it's because she's pregnant. Thus far, we have no idea about their childbirth. All we know is mating. With fish, conception to birth can be within a month. Mermaids are part fish. So anyhoo, Ryn ran off somewhere.

Helen and Rick discover why they were kidnapped. They're not related to mermaids, they are their direct descendants. For whatever reason, they did not mate with humans, only each other. With a limited gene pool, health issues and birth defects soon arose. Helen also learns there is a dark side to these people. They did something to her parents, but before John can tell her what, Beth steps in, and has him taken away. No doubt they will be watching Helen and Rick very closely.

Xander seems to be taking to his new job (Bartender) however Calvin got himself into a bad way. Illegal gambling is a way wrong way to make money. Pretty soon they will call in his markers. And he has nothing, but his knowledge of the mermaids. He will sell out everybody just to save his own a$$.
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Season 2 Episode 10
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