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 Season 2 Episode 9

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Season 2 Episode 9 Empty
PostSubject: Season 2 Episode 9   Season 2 Episode 9 EmptyTue Jun 18, 2019 11:44 pm

Ep 9

No North Star

So Ben and Maddie save Xander and Calvin, but the ship sinks. Xander says nothing about the fact Cami was at fault. Sarge is indeed dead, and they let his body get absorbed by the sea floor.

After a few weeks Ryn returns to Ben and Maddie. Turns out she is as addicted to them, as they are her. We also learn many of their pod are dead. She sends Levi out with Viv and Eliza to see if any other pods have survived, while Katrina and Cami stay behind. Katrina and Cami also discover a female mermaid that appears to have been poisoned and is dying.

Ben's mom is doing worse since her latest treatment, so Ryn has agreed to help. In exchange, Ben and Maddie get full access to everything they are doing, and never leave Ryn. Meanwhile, Ben's dad has video of a female from the drill site, moving around in 3,000 feet of water with no diving equipment.

And in the latest twist, Helen and Rick go see his sister Beth. Rick tries again to tell her they are related to Mermaids, and she gets livid. She threatens to call some Doctor, so Rick and Helen leave. On their way back home, they stop at a rest stop and get kidnapped. The kidnappers take them back to Beth's and lock them in the basement. Then he says he will alert the "others".

Dunno what that's about, but if they're trying to "hide", kidnapping is the way wrong way to do it. That automatically gets the FBI involved.
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Season 2 Episode 9
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