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 MBG starting sh*t with me.

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PostSubject: MBG starting sh*t with me.   Thu Aug 12, 2010 5:23 pm

She got on me for supposedly be condescending to another poster.... what a laugh.

Quote :
(some new poster)...i also noticed that the syfy channel took the show merlin and show episodes of that, sooooooooo why not legend of the seeker ?

Quote :
(eber322) Well you didn't look to hard or else you'd have seen, right near the top of this page, where Shining Path of Light explained that. Syfy does not produce Merlin, the BBC does. Syfy simply buys US broadcast rights for it which is far cheaper than actually paying to make a show. If Syfy didn't purchase the US rights, in fact if nobody purchased the US rights, Merlin would still be made because the BBC pays to make it for the UK market.

Quote :
(MBG) Take it easy. This post didn't originate in this thread (hence "i don't know if this has been discused on here before but i've looked for hours and still cant find anything"), so he/she did not see SPoL's post. No need to be condescending.

Quote :
(eber322)Lol. Ok, first I had no way of knowing that their post was combined in here from someplace else. Second I wasn't being condescending, simply stating the facts. Third, you telling somebody not to be condescending is like Paris Hilton chastising them for not being lady like.

How do you like my reply?

Here's the link from the save LOTS thread...
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PostSubject: Re: MBG starting sh*t with me.   Wed Aug 18, 2010 3:12 am

They either need to moderate less, or get their moderators out of the damn discussions....there is too much personal nonsense in the moderation there.
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MBG starting sh*t with me.
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