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 Girl Scouts sues Boy Scouts

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PostSubject: Girl Scouts sues Boy Scouts   Sat Nov 10, 2018 4:50 pm

This is just too funny!

Girls sue Boys

The fact is, adult women are to blame for the failure of the GSUSA organization. Even back when I was a Boy Scout, girls wanted to join us. They didn't want to be "Boys", they just wanted to do what we did. Back then, such girls were known as "Tomboys".

What has changed is that less and less girls want anything to do with GSUSA. Girls talk to each other. All those girls that are forced every year to freeze their butts off trying to sell cookies, tell other girls. Regardless of what the women of the organization want people to believe, the girls, and thus parents, know all she will do is sell cookies.
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Girl Scouts sues Boy Scouts
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