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 Black Lightning

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PostSubject: Black Lightning    Sun Jan 28, 2018 11:58 am

Well I'm done with this show. I usually love these superhero shows, but this one is just to over the top with the black stereotypes and the racism. Constant talking about the plight of the poor African American while everybody on the show is a rich black, whether they are some kind of brain surgeon or a drug dealer living in the penthouse. They all seem to have names like "Lawanda" or even goofier. But worst of all, all of the white cops on the show are extreme caricatures of evil racists out to get blacks. Despite the fact they have a black Captain and half the force is black, the white cops practically cackle with glee when they see an innocent black then pounce on them. It's about as subtle as the old vampire movies where they are painted sheet white hold a cape in front of their face while cackling and displaying their four inch nails. This shows is just ridiculous and offensive. It should be offensive to both whites and blacks, but judging from comments I've seen elsewhere, many blacks seem to like this drivel.

Oh and of course to top the dislike off, we are treated to multiple lesbian sex scenes as well.

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PostSubject: Re: Black Lightning    Thu Feb 01, 2018 3:04 pm

LOL I never even watched it. I knew already what it was going to be from reading some reviews.
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Black Lightning
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