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PostSubject: We Know The Way   We Know The Way EmptySun Dec 10, 2017 12:43 am

Around a year ago, I babysat for a buddy and his wife who live down the road from me. He's in the military, and both had to go to a formal function.

So I asked the kids what they wanted to do, and they told me their parents promised to take them to see Moana, but now it wasn't going to happen. So I made them lunch, then went to my office to look the movie up. Turned out it was a Disney cartoon (thought it might have non-child material in it). So took all the kids to see it. The kids loved it, and honestly parts blew me away, but for a much more adult intellectual reason. That's the reason for this post.

Cartoon aside, the movie was about the ancient Polynesians, and what they did thousands of years ago. They conquered the entire Pacific ocean in nothing but a canoe. I knew that from history. But the songs are what blew me away. Here's what the kids saw and heard:

That isn't a made up language like in Trek. It's a mix of Polynesian languages. Here's who wrote and sang it:

Not often you take kids to see a cartoon that's mostly historically as well as linguisticly correct.
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We Know The Way
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