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 Season 3 Ep 01

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PostSubject: Season 3 Ep 01   Mon Jun 12, 2017 12:29 pm

Great episode. Picked up right where we left off in last season. Loved how they all escaped, but not together. And even so, all faced death yet again. Damn that's some serious bad luck. 3 and Anders were going to get killed on some abandoned mine by a security drone. 2 and 6 were going to die floating in space, and the Raza was going to get blasted right out of the galaxy, with 5, the Android and Trufault on board.

The only issue I had, was the fake Nyx. That was a stand in, not Melanie. And was it really needed to kiss 2? What was that all about? Neither one was a lesbian.


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PostSubject: Re: Season 3 Ep 01   Thu Jun 29, 2017 6:34 pm

I thought so too.
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Season 3 Ep 01
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