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 Season 2 Ep 02

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PostSubject: Season 2 Ep 02   Thu Jul 14, 2016 4:50 pm

Holy crap! This episode blew me away. If ever I had a doubt they wrote the entire story years ago, I no longer have them. The only way for that jail break to happen, was if everybody was where they needed to be. And that had to be done before season 1 was even filmed!

I was floored when it turned out that it was 5 that ordered the Android to "Kill them all". But now that we know more about her, we know why. The crew of the Raza are the first people she met that she could not only trust, but would protect her, even kill to protect her. In return, she is proving they didn't make a mistake. She will kill for them too.

Arax better come through with his side of the bargain. He still owes the Raza support (Fuel, weapons, food, etc...)

And as for Alicia Reynaud, it's about time! She represents one of the major corporations, and wants 5 (pumpkin). Why you might ask. Because 5 has something they want back. So much so, that they killed every homeless person that was there on the space station, trying to find her. Remember why?

Back in season 1, we discover 5 stole a card she thought might be worth money to buy food. But later in the season the Android told her it was a vital part for a technology that could access extra-dimensional space, which has the potential to wipe out the galaxy, and is thus illegal. Alicia wants it back, and has no problem killing the innocent to do it.

And then there's 2. Finding out 1 is dead crushed her. Although never spoken, they did love each other. Now he's gone. She's gonna find out who did it, and make them wish they were never born.

If that doesn't have you glued, wait till tomorrow. Ep 3 is called "I've seen The other side of you". From the teaser, it will be a "holy $hit" episode.
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Season 2 Ep 02
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