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 Season 2 Ep 01

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PostSubject: Season 2 Ep 01   Fri Jul 08, 2016 8:33 pm

Awesome episode!
Instead of breaking everything down, I'll just comment on the characters.

One - So he's figured out Three didn't kill his wife. He suspects the CEO had her killed. He also had the only witness killed. But who actually did the killing? Jace Caruso. Too bad he killed One too.

Two - She learned her abilities work only so far. Nyx is a match for her. And the guards have the technology to knock her on her butt, and love using it. She still does not like being caged, so is going to breakout with the Raza crew.

Three - Learned to watch his butt. With weapons, he's awesome, but without he is vulnerable. Also no malingering in prison. But the Doctor that is also a prisoner is damn good.

Four - Has been assessing everything. He's proved he is not to be messed with and listens to no one. The prison is also corrupt.

Five - Learned Six never lied to them. It was in fact the GA that has been lying to him. But she isn't going anywhere, and has no idea why.

Six - The truth is known. The GA is corrupt, like the prison. The only people he can trust, is the crew of the Raza. He also learned there isn't going to be a trial for any of them.

The Android does not want her memory wiped. So they're going to do it by force. That's going to get ugly fast.

No trial is VERY bad. If nobody knows they're there, none of them will leave alive. But how can they escape? They can't get to the Raza, can they? Only the Android and Six can even pilot a shuttle. The Raza has no weapons, broken engines, no food, no fuel. They have no money to get anything they need, and can't trust anyone but themselves.

Stay tuned for the next episode titled "Kill them all".
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Season 2 Ep 01
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