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 Season 5 Ep 12

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PostSubject: Season 5 Ep 12   Fri Jan 15, 2016 7:22 pm

So what have we learned? NADA!

"Off camera" the docs resurrected a centuries old creature, or so they think. This one, unlike the original, does not kill every living thing it comes across. It let the Deputy, her sister (Hayden) and Liam live. So what is it up to?

Theo only controls half his pack of undead Chimeras. Yet still, even weakened, Scott kicked all their butts. It's a safe bet nobody is going to buy any more of Theo's BS.

Lydia has met the "ghost" of Meredith. Seriously, when did we have those (ghosts) in this series? So Meredith is going to teach Lydia to fight and be deadly using her voice as a Banshee. She couldn't even help herself. That's why she is dead. Whatever!

The Desert Wolf kidnapped Deaton and is running around Canada with him, looking for Malia who never left California. Malia meanwhile has Braeden help her find the Wolf, so she can kill her first.

Kira and her mom drive out into some desert looking for "Skinwalkers" who find them by coming right out of the ground. It was if they were buried there. WTF?

As usual, WTF pretty much describes this entire season.
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Season 5 Ep 12
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