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 Season 5 Ep 11

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PostSubject: Season 5 Ep 11   Thu Jan 07, 2016 10:30 am

Ok, so a bunch of stuff happened off camera. Something happened to the Sheriff and almost killed him, but somehow Melissa figured out how to cure him. And somebody got to Lydia and drilled holes in her head. Parrish busted out of jail again and is looking for Lydia, who is now in Eichen House, and Theo says he knows what the Dread Docs are trying to create, if the have not done so already (off camera).

So everybody is running around looking for something, but have no clue what. And the ep ends with Theo and his undead Chimeras coming to Eichen House to get Lydia to help him find the Hellhound (Parrish). But too late, because it just found him and looks pissed.

I have no clue what this all means. Make no sense like the last 10 episodes.
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Season 5 Ep 11
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