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 American Horror Story: Hotel

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American Horror Story: Hotel Empty
PostSubject: American Horror Story: Hotel   American Horror Story: Hotel EmptyMon Nov 23, 2015 9:01 pm

Good grief, this show should be called "American Sleaze Story: Gay Buttsex". I've watched all the other seasons and found some enjoyment in them, even though some were better than others and some were more disturbing than others. This season I've been behind on my viewing, far to many shows and to little time.

Well today I decided to start watching this show... the rip off of the Shining I was expecting given the hotel setting. The "Rocky Horror Picture Show" rip off wasn't so expected. The first episode was an hour and a half long and I only made it through the first half. The writing sucked, the acting sucked and nothing even remotely scary happened... at least not in the traditional scary horror way during the first forty five minutes. Instead views were treated to four naked gay mens asses, two of which were being gay raped, a gay gimp in a latex suit, a bisexual vampire couple, a human bisexual couple, and that Lady hooha guy/girl? person. The four naked gay guys, the two gay butt rapes, and the four way bisexual orgy were enough for me. I deleted all the recorded episodes I had on the DVR and deleted the show from my scheduler. No wonder Jessica Lange quit the show.

In an aside note: Not only did they feature four completely naked mens asses in the first forty five minutes, but there was zero female nudity.

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American Horror Story: Hotel
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