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 "Drums of War"

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PostSubject: "Drums of War"   Thu May 14, 2015 9:41 pm

"With Peter in jail, the Man tries everything in his power to keep him there by playing on his insecurity as well harming his self-defense claim. Peter's background story is revealed of him being a life-long orphan and his first attempt at suicide years earlier after learning that his kind but destitude foster parents cannot afford to keep him. As Roes tries to help Peter, she leads the rest of the Messengers to an international energy summit in Houston to look for the Horseman of War where they learn that a corrupt US senator, named Cindy, is plotting to assasinate the prime minister of Afghanistan. As Vera gradually embraces her new power of spirit-walking, she continues to throw off Alan who becomes suspicious to what is now going on with her life. Elsewhere, Joshua pays a visit to his estranged sister, who was disowned by the family years earlier after she came out about her sexual orientation."

Well here we go again, more homosexuality shoved in our faces, and once again they wait until several episodes in to do it. Joshua the preacher and supposed Christian tells his sister he was wrong to see her as a deviant. He doesn't tell her he was wrong to cut her out of his life, and that he still loves her despite her sins... no her just tells her was wrong and implies a tacit acceptance of her chosen life of sin. He's supposed to be a Christian and a preacher, a son of a preacher and a messenger of God, and yet he supports and condones blatant sin. I was upset when i heard this show was canceled, but after seeing this episode maybe it's a good thing. It's bad enough when they shove homosexuality down our throats let alone when they do it in a show supposedly based on Christian teachings.

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"Drums of War"
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