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 "Bad Blood" & "Scare Tactics"

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PostSubject: "Bad Blood" & "Scare Tactics"   Fri Apr 24, 2015 11:11 pm

"The pack continues to track down Malcolm, and Jeremy is forced to deal with the Pack Council. All whilst a new supernatural threat looms."

"Jeremy keeps Malcolm alive to find Rachel Sutton. The new group is witches. They fail in their first attempt to take Malcolm. A meeting is arranged. They reveal a third group is after Malcolm."

Honestly, I am totally lost on this show. I swear it seems like two years since it was on and I thought it had been canceled. I vaguely remember that the one guys pregnant girlfriend got snatched, but not the details of how or by who. I remember there was bad blood between the pack leader and his father. But I have no idea who these Spanish and Russian werewolf packs are or where they came from all of the sudden. I don't remember ever seeing them before. Likewise I recall nothing about witches on this show but suddenly there they are too, running around doing lord knows what or why. I'm lost.

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"Bad Blood" & "Scare Tactics"
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