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 "Flight of the Living Dead"

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PostSubject: "Flight of the Living Dead"   Fri Apr 24, 2015 10:28 pm

"Liv reluctantly eats the brains of her recently murdered sorority sister Holly to help gain insight into her murder. This case takes Liv and Clive into Holly’s world of extreme sporting where they meet professional snowboarder Carson McComb, a murder suspect who appears to be hiding a secret. Meanwhile, Liv has a strange connection with one of the other murder suspects who is revealed to be a zombie, while Major voices his concern to Clive over a young boy’s disappearance."

So some old sorority sister of Livs dies in an apparent skydiving accident, then she eats her brains and proves it was murder. Meanwhile that weirdo zombie dude is still running around abducting people for their brains and selling them on the zombie black market. Liv finds out one of the extreme sports guys from the skydiving incident is also a zombie, and there seems to be some zombie love sparks.

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"Flight of the Living Dead"
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