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 "All Star Team Up"

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PostSubject: "All Star Team Up"   Thu Apr 23, 2015 9:46 pm

"As Barry works in conjunction with Joe and Eddie to stop crimes across the city, an engineering professor is attacked and killed by a swarm of bees at the local university. While the team searches for a metahuman that can control bees, Felicity arrives with Ray, in his A.T.O.M. suit, looking for assistance to improve his suit. The team tracks another bee attack, but Barry is too late and is attacked by the swarm. The team captures one of the bees, which turns out to be a robot and their metahuman just a disgruntled scientist named Brie Larvan from Mercury Labs, who is targeting other former employees. Barry struggles with whether he can trust Cisco and Caitlin, not knowing if they are working for the Reverse-Flash or not. During the next bee attack, Barry goes after Brie while Ray, as the Atom, attempts to stop the bees from killing Dr. Tina McGee. Felicity taps into the wireless frequency for the bees to disable them, and Barry captures Brie. Later, Barry informs Caitlin and Cisco that Dr. Wells is the Reverse-Flash. Caitlin does not want to believe this, but Cisco does, revealing that he has been having "dreams" in which Wells kills him with super speed (as happened in the original timeline)."

This episode introduces us to the ATOM. Somehow, the way they did it, I'm thinking maybe a new show centered on him is in the works? The episode revolves around some crazy broad who uses little robot bees to kill people for her. The Flash and the ATOM stop her of course. The we have the big reveal at the end when Barry tells Cisco and Caitlin that Wells is the Reverse Flash. Strangely Cisco already knows because he is 'remembering' how Wells killed him in the other timeline. I'm not sure how one would remember something that never actually happened to them, but instead to another you in a separate timeline, but whatever.

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"All Star Team Up"
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