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 "Liv and Let Clive"

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PostSubject: "Liv and Let Clive"   Mon Apr 13, 2015 9:41 pm

"When her latest brain causes Liv to experience a flash of Clive apparently brutally assaulting a gang member, she begins to suspect that he is a dirty cop. Meanwhile, Blaine's new operation hits a stumbling block when two of his men attempt to set up shop for themselves."

So Liv starts to think Clive is a dirty cop, which of course he isn't. She gets all jealous after finding out her ex has a new girlfriend, and even manages to get her boss, Ravi, to move in with him to keep the new girlfriend from doing so. And of course we find out that Liv has a brother who likes to come over and sniff her roommates panties.... little perv. And we get to see the operation that Blaine, the evil king of the zombies, is running. First he turns rich people into zombies then extorts them for money for brains. He uses some local gym lunks to steal the brains from homeless and runaways, then sells them to the rich zombies. He even has some zombie chef that cooks up gourmet brains for them. Yum.

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"Liv and Let Clive"
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