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 Rock and Roll MS fundraising event...

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PostSubject: Rock and Roll MS fundraising event...   Sun Aug 24, 2014 8:07 pm

Walk and Rock was a GREAT MS event Saturday! The sun even made and appearance, cool right? Believe it or not, no, not really! I mean, the BBQ food was good, there was both clam chowder and baked beans (thank you Crown and Anchor), every table also had salt water taffy (dang, forgot to grab me a few), the soda and water and chips were also good. There was also a caricaturist and a guitar player. That and a raffle and a silent auction, yes THOSE were the fun parts. Oh, and the PEOPLE there were also great to see! I mean, all those with MS with their walkers scooters and chairs were good to see. I also got to see again the intern that helped me when I took the ‘How to Fall’ class last year, the instructor and others. Boy, great times.
Now, when it got to be time to leave as per my body, I got up and started for the parking lot. Got halfway there when my legs did a light buckle so I sat down ‘quickly’ and rested for another few moments! Once I felt ‘better’, I got up and walk/shuffled to the car. Feeling on top of the world, I opened the car door. I drew a breath, turned around to sit down in to the car. Now here is where warning # 1 and it was really a forecasting of what was coming. As I sat down, I failed to make sure my feet were properly set (OK, the FELT properly set, next time, I want a visual confirmation!) I ended up on the little part between the door and the chair. Once I realized my legs never bent THAT deeply and worried that only ONE ending was inevitable, I calmly (always be calm so your won’t make things worse) moved one elbow toward the passenger door and managed to get that elbow wedged into the doorway there to give myself a good leverage point (yeah, I saw a book about leverage and physics and such). So, with a mighty push <groan> I was able to lift my huge arse onto the chair properly <honestly, took TWO pushes!>! And then, suddenly needed the restroom! (Kinda knew THAT was gonna happen, but you did too, right?). So once I realized there was NO possible way to get one of the empty containers in place in time (actually, while thinking about what I was gonna do, it was too late, dang!!!) I was forced to just let go! So, here I was, driving now home, sitting in my own urine, and no way in heck was I gonna stop for gas but, I was on empty! Then I remembered I did have a handicap placard so I went to a station with two employees and used it to have THEM ‘filler up’! Couldn’t do the shopping I REALLY needed to do (wife’s B-day is Monday and unfortunately, what I am getting her, kinda needed to arrange it today! SIGH.
So, home now, and get out of the car, thinking I am gonna have to remember to bring a towel back when I went out again later (LOL, right?) I walk up my steps, and suddenly that ‘easy walk’ stopped being so ‘easy’. Luckily, made it to the door, even got the keys out and the door unlocked. So, still thinking I made it, I stepped into the bathroom for a towel to put on my chair (hey, it’s a leather LazyBoy, gotta keep it kinda clean, right?), but, when I went to put the towel down, my legs REALLY started buckling. I tried my darndest to twist around successfully and sit down on the towel, didn’t work out though. I ended up, in slow motion, SLAMMED my lower back into a chair! Sigh.
Managed to roll over enough to pull out my cell and call Francesca for HELP! A few minutes later, help arrived, picked me up and set me down onto my chair and left (remind me, they got a CAKE coming! A few minutes after THAT, Francesca shows up! Life is good, God is even gooder (gooder? Yeah I wrote that, give me a break, still shaken in the head!)

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ford plasko


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PostSubject: Re: Rock and Roll MS fundraising event...   Sun Sep 07, 2014 2:20 pm

Walter,you make my bad day seem like a cake walk. I think we may have to put one of those rear back up cameras on your butt though so you can see it's destination.
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Rock and Roll MS fundraising event...
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