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 Not your average Soldier

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PostSubject: Not your average Soldier   Fri Sep 13, 2013 1:20 pm

Gender: Female
Hometown: Manhattan, Kansas
Date of Birth: October 1, 1990

Education: Kansas State University—Senior—Chemistry and Chinese, Army School of Ordnance (Mechanic), Army School of Health Sciences (Dental), Leavenworth High School

Scholastic Honors: Georganne Howler Chemistry Scholarship Recipient; National Society of Collegiate Scholars; Member of the Kansas State University Parachute Club; Member of the Kansas State University Dental Club; Member of the Kansas State University Chemistry Fraternity; Distinguished Honor Graduate at the Army School of Ordnance; Distinguished Honor Graduate at the Army School of Health Sciences.

Leadership Roles: Section leader at Kansas Army National Guard Medical Detachment; Director of Public Relations and spokesperson for the hunting company “Suburban Woodsman”; CEO and founder of the Miss Outdoor Girl brand and website; Coordinate nursing home visits for the college students of my local church; Liturgical minister for my local church; Assist with blood drives held by Kansas State University; Lead and was responsible for 250 soldiers for 9 weeks of mechanics school; Coordinated and ran an all-girls archery clinic.

Accomplishments: 3.8 GPA Chinese major; Expert marksman for the Army on the M16 rifle; Soldier of the Month; Completed the 2011 Bataan Death March; Distinguished Honor Graduate at both military schools attended; Consecutively earned the Army physical fitness excellence award; Currently represents the state of Kansas in the 2013 Miss America pageant.

Scholastic/Career Ambition: Obtain a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Chinese and a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. To become a dentist for the Army.

Identifying marks: Two tattoo's. Dental Corps Insignia lower left shoulder blade; Serenity prayer right side torso.

Employment: Kansas Army National Guard Medical Detachment

Time in Service: 6 years; reenlisted for an additional 6 years.

Rank: Sergeant


That was an E-mail sent to me yesterday. I thought my bud was just kidding me. Turns out, he wasn't. This is the second time, in its history, a service member has competed.

As impressing as her resume is, several things run against her. The average number of combat tours for a Guardsman is 2-3, and she has none. Her Father is a full Colonel in the Army. It looks like preferential treatment.
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Not your average Soldier
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