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 Fat People Pet Peeve.

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PostSubject: Fat People Pet Peeve.    Mon Dec 12, 2011 4:56 pm

Went to Walmart today to pick some stuff up. So I am walking down the isle with my cart trying to get what I need. So you know they have those scooters. Well the fat person is going slow blocking the fracking isle stops in the middle of the isle looking at something I think just to piss me off.

So I finally get my poo and I am heading for the register and son of a ***** if someone in a scooter is in my way. Well I slip over and what comes around the corner but another fracking scooter. So had to slip back thankfully I had passed the fat person.

So 3 fat people in scooter disrupting my get away. I am sorry but Wallmart needs to do away with those fracking scooters.
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Fat People Pet Peeve.
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